Restore Lost or Deleted Files from Windows 7 Partitions

This page will surely end up your search for a Windows 7 Partition recovery tool. Microsoft launched its latest version Windows 7 and added many new features to it. But any operating system, programs are stored on hard disk drive. Partitioning is performed on hard disk drive to create new partition. Partitioning refers to dividing the hard disk in different logical drives so as to manage your computer data in a systematic way and make search easy for any particular file. Therefore you may be in some problem. Just imagine your computer partition gets deleted. But don’t worry restore partition tool will restore partition on Windows 7 for you. It can also used for Windows 7, XP, Vista, etc. Not just Windows, the software can also restore partition on Mac. Just visit this link to know more,

To create a new logic drive, formatting is necessary. So you format it and after formatting your hard disk you find out that you haven't taken any back up of the particular partition. This might be one of the scenarios, but there are many others which are mentioned below.

Common reasons for losing/deleting a partition:

Partition Table Corruption: when your system refuses to boot and displays you error messages like “Searching for Boot Record from CD/DVD. Not Found" or "Reboot and Select proper Boot device" or "Bad or missing partition table". It means that Partition Table has got corrupted and which may be a reason for losing your partition data.

Improper Reformatting: Improper reformatting may end you up in partition data loss. Reformatting is mainly changing the file system of the computer from NTFS to FAT or vice versa.

Virus infection: when your system is infected from virus which might have come from any internet file download or when you add new data to your system without virus scan at that time with the data virus may enter your system. If add data is infected with the virus. It can be a reason for losing data from partition.

System failure: when due to software conflict the system get fails. It might delete all the data from the system which may include partition, particular file and other vital data.

No matter how you lose a data or partition from Windows 7 operating system the restore partition software will recover deleted or lost partition from Windows 7, XP, Vista and other higher Windows versions. The software can efficiently restore partition table data which may be lost due to partition table corruption. The partition recovery software is built with the advanced algorithm that can search over 300 different file types and provide the preview of retrieved data for the user. The software has a very user friendly interface. So that, a non technical user can performs recovery process using the software easily. Using this tool recovery of deleted partition can be done easily. Read on more details about this in case you are interested.

The Restore Partition utility supports data retrieval from lost NTFS partition and other partitions like FAT16, FAT32, HFS+ and HFSX. Hence whenever you face the problem of formatted, lost partition or deleted partition Restore Partition software is the best choice. Just visit the following URL to know further details about this.

 The software is available in two versions that are the demo version and full version. Using this software, you can even restore corrupted partition data.

Steps to Restore Data from Windows 7 Partitions

Step 1: Download and install the Restore Partition software. After Running the software, select "Recover Partition/Drives" and then click on "Partition Recovery" to recover partition data as shown in figure A.

Restore Partition on Windows 7 - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: Select the physical drive and click on "Next". Later select the appropriate partition and click "Next" as shown in figure B. The software will start scanning of your hard drive.

Retrieve Lost Partition Data - Select Drive

Figure B: Select Drive

Step 3: Check the list of recovered files to restore them to your computer as shown in figure C.

Restore Partition on Windows -  Restored Files

FFigure C: Restored Files