Tool to Restore Lost or Deleted Photos

Nowadays, photos are closely related to most of the people’s everyday life. Photography may be your hobby or you may choose it as profession. Sometimes, you may capture images of wonderful moment of our life to memorize them later. In all that cases, we normally stock up our important images in computer or any other external hard drive for security purpose. Loss of your important images from your hard drive usually happens because of unknown reasons; you may be extremely depressed on such instance. How do you feel, if you can restore your valuable images within a few moment? It is very easy to restore all pictures using an efficient image recovery tool. It is a complete solution to restore photos easily in different data loss situation. This award-winning application is specially designed to get back all types of images including RAW files, here is the way to perform it.

There are plenty of reasons for which you may lose all your vital images from computer hard drive. Generally, large amount of image loss happens due to formatting of partition. You may format hard disk partition accidentally attempting to format any other drive. Occasionally, when you trying to access any photo on your system, you can get a message saying the partition is corrupted. Then formatting of the partition is an easy way to make the partitioning accessible again. But, it results to loss of all data including all your images. Then do not get upset, just use this image rescue tool that will help you to revive all files from that formatted drive. If you want, you can continue reading to know more information about this. 

Image files may also be lost from external storage devices used in camera, mobiles etc. due to improper operation. If you pull out the SD card during file transfer process, you may lose data from the device effortlessly. File system corruption is another important reason of photo loss from the storage media. It may corrupt easily due to abrupt system shut down or after infection of viruses. You may also lose all photo files from a partition due to frequent change of file system. After such corruption, this efficient recovery program will allow you to restore NTFS partition as well as FAT partitions. All images will be restored from that corrupted partition within a minute of this utility usage.

Apart from that, it is also very useful to restore photos after deletion. If you delete vital images from your system by using ‘Shift + Delete’ key, this program will be the better choice for image restoration. Besides that, if you delete them from any external media storage, it is impossible to restore those pictures manually. Then you can use this recovery tool to get satisfied result after every recovery operation. In addition to photo recovery, it is equally efficient to revive deleted & lost music, video or any other types of file. Even, you can utilize this photo recovery application on all versions of Windows and Mac operating system to revive images from deleted partition. If you meet any problem to Restore Partition on Mac, visit this link:

Steps to Restore Lost Photos on Windows

Step 1: After launching demo version of this tool, select "Recover Photos" option from the main window as shown in Fig A. In the next step, select "Recover Deleted Photos" or "Recover Lost Photos" option as per your requirement.

Restore Photos - Main Window

Fig A: Main Window

Step 2: In the next screen, select appropriate drive and click on "Next" as shown in Fig B. Then a scanning proccess starts to recover photo from your hard drive.

Photo Recovery - Select Drive

Fig B: Select Drive

Step 3: After completion of recovery, a list of recovered images will be shown as illustrated in Fig C.

Restore Photos - Recovered Photos

Fig C: Recovered Photos