Restore Files from NTFS Partition

Have you lost NTFS partition and thinking of how to recover data that you lost along with it? Restore Partition software is famous tool that helps you to recover partition table data. Using this tool, you can easily restore NTFS and NTFS5 partition from Windows hard disk. Any kind of partition related issues could be solved through this award-winning software.

Hard drive is the physical storage device where you store data. Files in hard disk are managed by file systems. There are two main file systems in Windows; they are FAT and NTFS. NTFS is the newer version that is used in latest version of Microsoft Windows such as Windows Vista, Win 7, or Windows 8. Sometimes these partitions gets delete or lost due to some unfavorable causes. By using suitable tool such as Restore Partition software, you can easily recover lost partition on your system. Still having doubts? Don't worry, visit the following URL.

Some common reasons for NTFS partition deletion are:

  • File system corruption: Due to file system corruption, disk errors, or bad sectors on hard disk, NTFS partition in Windows may become corrupt.
  • Reformatting: While reformatting which means converting one file system of a drive to another file system say from NTFS to NTFS5 file system, hard disk drives may be deleted.
  • Use of third party application: Using third party tools in a computer system causes abrupt effect on computer and may result in loss of partitions.
  • Virus attacks: Activities of malicious software’s like viruses cause severe damage to NTFS file system and may result in deletion of NTFS partitions.
  • During OS installation: If the operating system is installed in wrong partition then it may cause deletion of partition and the data in it.

In all of the above scenarios Retrieve Partition program will help you to get rid of all the problems. As the sayings goes prevention is better than cure, it is better to take copy of your important files, which you can restore anytime during data loss scenarios. This software is developed by professional experts to restore NTFS partition or data from any complex scenario. Severe corruptions like MBR corrupted partitions are also effectively restored by using this tool. This software can run on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Hence, it can easily retrieve lost partition on Mac. If your doubt haven't resolved, read on to know more valuable information. This amazing tool is bundled with various features that a user will find very helpful during the recovery process. Feature like "Find" will help in searching your file very fast by entering file signatures. This software is well built software that takes minimal space on your hard disk and supports variety of Windows OS versions including XP, Vista, and Win 7.

Following are some of the feature that makes you goes for Restore Partition software:

  • Scan the entire hard disk to restore NTFS partitions data with ease.
  • Recovers data from formatted/deleted RAID0, RAID1, and RAID5 NTFS drives
  • Recovered data can be viewed in either "File Type" or "Data Type" view
  • Easily recovers compressed files from NTFS formatted drives
  • Option to create ZIP archive of the recovered files
  • Provides "Preview" options to view the media files before restoration

Steps to Restore NTFS Partitions on Windows

Step 1: Download and install Restore Partition software and select "Recover Partition/Drives" and later click at "Partition Recovery" to recover lost partition as shown in fig 1.

Restore NTFS Partition - Main Screen Partition Recovery

Fig 1: Main Screen Partition Recovery

Step 2: Select the physical drive and click at "Next". After scanning, select appropriate partition and click "Next" as shown in fig 2.

NTFS Partition Recovery - Select Drive

Fig 2: Select Drive

Step 3: Use "Smart Scan" if you are not able to recover a file using previous scan. You can save the recovery session for future use. Finally, restore the recovered files to your computer as shown in fig 3.

Recover NTFS Partition - Save Files

Fig 3: Save Files