Restore Formatted Partition on Windows and Mac

While operating computer regularly, there are always chances of unexpected outcomes leading to severe data loss. In this reference, hard drive partition formatting is one of the most usual catastrophe leads to data inaccessibility. If any partition drive is formatted, it results in loss of all your important documents and files contained in formatted partition. You may have saved photos of unforgettable moments of your life, awesome videos and favorite music files on affected partition. Therefore, definitely you will not let your files be lost so easily and that is why, you will be looking for an effective idea for conciliation of this problem. However, if still you have not succeeded, do not waste your time and just make use of Restore Partition software and rescue formatted partition data within few clicks.


Generally, we use to create partitions on hard drive for managing files and folders separate from essential system files. You can save movie files, music, photos in different partitions to make it easier to access files. While going everything properly during regular use of system, you may lose access to set of files just because of occurrence of undesired errors leading to hard disk partition formatted. Let us know about some common factors, responsible for such tragedy. Some user ends with formatting HDD partition during re-installation of Operating system program. In the pursuance of re-installation operation, most of users get format other partition along with particular targeted partition and lose important files. From the list of all available drives showing on desktop window, format option can be executed just after a right click on individual drive icon to explore its files.

When we start computer, it needs to boot the OS program, which resided on a specific data sector on hard drive, known as boot sector. Corruption to hard drive boot sector is very common. Because of boot sector viruses or presence of bad sectors, boot sector gets corrupt and it fails to load OS program. Due to improper booting, you will get only blank display and cannot perform any task on computer. To get rid of such problem, you will have to format the system and then re-install the OS program again. Similarly, partition table corruption is also most happening factor after that you have to format partitions. However, you can rescue partition data after partition table corruption with the help of software. By taking help of Disk Utility tool, when you manage hard drive partitions for resizing or renaming, at that instance, you may proceed with formatting the partition mistakenly. Apart from above described reasons, file system conversion error, format error, virus attack etc are also responsible factors that make a partition lost. You can check this page to know further details about this. 

Restore Partition software is encapsulated with advanced scanning techniques to make it highly effective in the retrieval of lost NTFS, NTFS5, FAT, exFAT, HFS, HFSX hard partitions on respective OS platform that is Windows and Macintosh. It is an easy to use application and facilitates its users to restore files based on their file type and you can compress restored files to save hard disk space. If you want to get back deleted hard drive partitions, click here

Steps to Restore Data from Formatted Partitions on Windows

Step 1: Download and install demo version of Restore Partition Software on a healthy computer drive. Main screen consists of three major options; you have to select "Recover Drives" option. Then select "Formatted/Reformatted Recovery" option.

Rescue Formatted Partition - Main Window

Figure A: Main Window

Step 2: Select formatted partition from the list to start scanning process.

Unformat Partition - Select Formatted Drive

Figure B: Select Formatted Drive

Step 3: You can preview restored data of formatted partition after scanning process is completed.

Rescue Formatted Partition - Recovered File Preview

Figure C: Recovered File Preview

Step 4: Save the recovered files on your computer drive.

Rescue Formatted Partition - Select Location to Save Files

Figure D: Select Location to Save Files